High-quality food, tea, coffee and salt

Food, tea, coffee and salt…

Tea & Coffee

Our tea and coffee are from Turkey. Turkish coffee is famous,  and Turkey is the country in the world with the highest consumption of tea.

Pestoes, tapenades and sauces

Italy is famous for its pestoes, tapenades and sauces of various kinds. Our sauces come from Liguria, at the Genova bay. The area is particular famous for the pesto varieties. This is not at least due to the basil from this area.

Chinese and Taiwanese origin

We have a range of products of Chinese and Taiwanese origin, some diet products, gluten free and vegetarian.

Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt

The salt we offer, Halen Môn Anglesey Sea Salt, is from the island of Anglesey in Wales. The process is certified by the EU, and the name and item being protected, “Protected Designation of Origin”.

Other product on request

Other product which can be made available upon request:

  • Halal products, poultry
  • Honey, various types, various origins
  • A wide range of roe products, caviar substitutes, etc
  • Products from Chinese kitchen
  • Products with kelp, seaweeds

Interested in any of our products? Send us an e-mail at post@delicos.no


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