High-quality oils for food and cooking
Oils for food/cooking…

There is an oil for virtually any application. Choose one that suits your taste, your dish, your kitchen/application (for instance frying). Or your health.  And it is not just the type of oil that matters, refining degree is also very important.

Numbers of oils are virtually infinite. Most of them also have/had different meanings in folk medicine, in the respective origin areas.

Coconut oil

From Fiji
-Virgin oil
-Virgin oil with ginger
Content of lauric acid:  50 % of ther fatty acids

Argan oil

From Morocco (only)
ECO Certificate
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 34 g/100 ml
Vit. E: 45 mg/100 ml

Pumpkin seed oil

From Slovakia
Polyunsaturated fatty acids: 40 g/100 g
Vit. E: 25 mg/100 g

Sunflower oil

From Slovakia
ECO Certificate
High smoke point, ca. 200 gr. C
Organic and non-organic
Kosher certficated
Suitable for frying/deep frying
Available with:
-Garlic and chili

Other oils available

We have a range of other high quality oils available for purchase
-Olive oils, variuous types, filtered/unfiltered
-Flax seed

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